Foxtail Somersault


3/1/2013: Thank you all for making our last performance so special!! Good news for San Franciscans, we're performing once again at Cafe Du Nord on March 29th. This is going to be one of our last shows this year, we're so excited about this bill and venue.

2/21/2013: Catch us tonight on Valencia Radio 97.9FM @ 9pm PST, you can stream it here. There's also a nice write up of the band in the San Francisco Chronicle today.

1/16/2013: We're still alive! Our next show is going to be very special, Feb 23rd at the Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco. On the bill are our good friends Tomihira, Astral and United Ghosts.

5/10/2012: How time flies.. We're gearing up for our 1st show of 2012, July 28th @ Slims in San Francisco.

7/15/2011: Thank you all for making our last show of 2011 special!!

7/6/2011: We're excited about our July 13th show at the Rickshaw Stop, this might be our last show this year as we refocus on our next release. You can still buy tickets here. Also if you missed our acoustic set, you can download the podcast here.

6/20/2011: We're playing an all acoustic set Saturday June 25th on The Youth and Beauty Brigade radio show on Mutiny Radio. We'll streaming live at 3pm PST. Don't forget on July 13th we'll be performing at the Rickshaw Stop, you can still buy tickets here.

5/31/2011: We're finally back in San Francisco, and gearing up for our next two SF shows: June 10th at the Knockout and July 13th at the Rickshaw Stop.

5/10/2011: We have a few shows currently in the works, on 5/28 we'll be performing in Los Angeles, and on 7/13 we'll be performing at the Rickshaw Stop in SF.

1/05/2011: Happy New Year!! We're currently working on new material, and we're planning to begin recording a few of the new tracks soon.

11/06/2010: Thanks for coming out to the Rickshaw Stop for our last show of 2010. We're going to hit the studio this winter and begin work our next release.

10/13/2010: Thank you all for coming out to the show last night, Bettie Serveert were too cool! Our next show and most likely our last show of 2010 is going to be on Nov 4th at the Rickshaw Stop.

9/23/2010: Our track A Love Song part 1 is included in the Guided tour of the Milky Way @ The Montreal Planetarium. Schedule: From Oct 8th 2010 - Nov 2011, Every Friday/Saturday/Sunday

9/02/2010: We're all really excited about our next show which will be supporting Bettie Serveert on Oct 12th at Cafe Du Nord.

8/06/2010: Thank you all for making our west coast shows memorable! We're back to working on new material, and planning a Fall tour.

7/22/2010: There's a chance a Slowdive cover may make an appearance in our setlist tonight.

7/19/2010: We had an incredible time performing at Violaine this weekend, thank you all for coming out!! and we hope you enjoyed our new material. We're excited and fine tuning our set for the CD release show this Thursday at the Bottom of the Hill. Should be a blast!!

7/1/2010: We've been working on new material while gearing up for our CD Release shows. We're excited to kick off fun in Los Angeles on July 17th @ Club Violaine, then back home @ Bottom of the Hill on July 22nd, before we head up north to Seattle on July 30th and Portland on July 31st.

5/4/2010: We've entered Sweetwater music's gearfest contest, here's your chance to download our track Sirens for free, click this link to download. Reflection is currently being pressed, release show, summer tour dates coming soon.

3/29/2010: As soon as we decide to take a break, a show request pops up. We're performing on April 7th at the Red Devil Lounge /w Gram Rabbit and LA's Spindrift. Also our Reflection EP is finished, all that remains are just some minor artwork tweaks.

3/17/2010: Our next show will be on April 17th at Club Violaine in Los Angeles. There's also a nice write up on the of our last show with Holly Miranda.

3/8/2010: We've just updated our media page with tracks from our upcoming EP Reflection. We're amped about performing tomorrow night, Tuesday March 9th, at Cafe Du Nord.

2/17/2010: We've been keeping busy... Our next show is on March 9th, at Cafe Du Nord in support of Holly Miranda, we're still working on our next EP Reflection, and we're almost finished converting Escalator and Motionland to the Rockband format.

2/8/2010: Thank you all for the support!! We were able to raise over $700 for the Red Cross Haitian relief effort.

1/24/2010: We're playing a benefit show next Friday 2/5 at the House of Shields in San Francisco, all proceeds are being donated to Red Cross Haitian Relief Effort

1/14/2010: Setlist from last weeks show: Cannonball - Breeders, Escalator, Feed the tree - Belly, Divingboard, Mistress -Red House Painters, Motionland, For Love - Lush, Heaven or Las Vegas - Cocteau Twins, and Sirens

1/4/2010: Happy New Year!! We've finally settled on our setlist for our upcoming show. Jan 7th at Cafe Du Nord /w Stripmall Architecture impersonating This Mortal Coil, and Vir. We're peforming as 4AD somersault, included in our set will be covers from: Belly, The Breeders, Cocteau Twins, Lush, and the Red House Painters.

11/18/2009: We have a special show coming up on Jan 7th at Cafe Du Nord /w Stripmall Architecture and Vir. Stripmall is doing a set full of This Mortal Coil covers, and to make this night extra special, we're planning to mix half of our set with various covers from 4AD bands.

10/1/2009: We're still in the process of recording our cover of the Sugarcubes track Birthday. Hopefully we will be wrapping it up later next week.

9/1/2009: We're back @ the studio next week to record a track for the upcoming Vibrophone records compilation. PS our next release "Reflection" is almost finished, some final touches in the mastering stage. one last note, our song Escalator will be featured in the upcoming movie The Purest Blue

8/30/09: FS interview on Littlebook

8/20/09: Seiken is in the running for best soundtrack for his work in the feature film Summer Blink Vote for Seiken here

8/8/2009: Upcoming show @ the Red Devil Lounge 9/4

7/1/2009: We have two upcoming shows, 8/1 in Los Angeles. and 8/2 back in San Francisco

6/1/2009: A couple of our tracks are featured in the film X's and O's you can buy it on Amazon or rent it on Netflix.

5/1/2009: We were asked by our good friends Loquat to perform their closing show of their Cafe Du Nord Residency, 5/28/09 @ Cafe Du Nord

4/1/2009: 1st show of the year :) 4/25/09 @ the Rickshaw Stop

3/1/2009: Chachachanges coming.. Welcome Elizabeth Anderson & Becky Uline

12/31/2008: We're working away on our next release, hopefully we'll have preview tracks shortly.

8/12/2008: We're excited about our 1st show in San Francisco since April.. Tomorrow night 8/13 at Cafe Du Nord.

8/1/2008: Performing at Lollapalooza was incredible!!! Thank you all for making this happen!!

7/14/2008: We're now taking donations to help fund our trip to Chicago. Please donate as much as you can by clicking the button below. Every dollar will help.

7/13/2008: Thank you all so so so very much!!!! We've made it to the final round of the lollapalooza last band standing contest!! We'll be competing live in Chicago on the 30th. Once we have the full scoop, we'll send out the info. Thanks again!!

7/1/2008: Thank you all so much!! We've made it to the 3rd round of the lollapalooza last band standing contest!! Thanks to all of you who have voted already!! It's a real tight race, so please vote each day if you can.
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Thanks again for your support and hope to see you there!

6/1/2008: If you have a minute to spare, please help us send us to Lollapalooza in Chicago.We've entered an online contest that awards a spot at Lollapalooza to the winner, and we need your help. The voting process couldn't be easier... you donít even have to listen to anything. All you have to do is:
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Thanks for your support and hope to see you there!

2/3/2008: We all had an amazing time performing at the Great American Music Hall. We have some exciting news, we're scheduled to perform at Noise Pop! 2008 on Feb 29th, opening for the Rosebuds.

12/1/2007: We're currently working on recording our next release. Hopefully we'll have some rough tracks in our media section soon.

8/1/2007: We have a couple of real cool shows coming up: 8/27, the Elbo Room, we're opening the night on a 5 band bill. On 8/31, We're headlining the Ant show's 3 yr anniversary show at the Red Devil Lounge. We're working hard for this show, expect a few surprises in our set.

6/5/2007: We have a very special show coming up at the Independent on 7/14. We're opening for Loquat and the Rondo Brothers (CD Release) Buy Tickets Here

5/16/2007: Read the Fathom review on the Owl Mag

4/10/2007: Fathom Now available on I-Tunes

4/3/2007: Vote for Foxtail Somersault at Deli Magazine Artist of the Month Poll

4/1/2007: Catch us on the Baybridged Podcast

3/18/2007: Thank you all for your support!! We all had a wonderful time at the EP Release show! For those who missed the show, we'll share some videos shortly. Fathom is now available on our site, along with Amoeba Records, and CD Baby. You can also download mp3's directly from Rhapsody and Sony Connect. We've also made a change to the site, the foxtail mp3 player is now located in the media section.

3/8/2007: We're currently working on distribution channels for our EP. Fathom should be available via CD Baby later this month, I-tunes, Rhapsody, Emusic, Napster, and more, next month.

2/14/2007: Finally our new site is up! We're also taking pre-orders on our upcoming EP, Fathom. The official release date is March 15th, but you can order now, and we'll send you a copy in early March. Visit our Music page for more info.

2/4/2007: Wow, so many things have occured since we've last updated this... Unfortunately due to her work and school schedule Mariel Haag has left the band. We're excited to announce Cat Howland as our replacement. We're also excited to report our CD is expected to release this March. We're also featured in the latest edition of creative skin. You can check it out at

8/16/2006: We're currently working on a site redesign. Hopefully we'll have it ready shortly. We've also been working on the EP, I promise, we're almost done.

3/16/2006: Local artist Julienne Givot, created a music video of A Love Song part II (guitar mix). The video premier is taking place at the 8th Anniversary/final Chillin' show, April 8, 2006 at the Mezzanine, 444 Jessie St. SF. Additional news: We're excited to announce a new member to team Foxtail, James Spadaro.

2/14/2006: We're playing at the Lab's 22nd birthday benefit show on Thursday Feb 16th. It'll be a short 15 minute instrumental set performed by Half of team Foxtail, Brian and Seiken. We're very excited to support the lab. Visit for more details on the show.

2/2/2006: Thanks to all of you who came out and attended our performance at the knock out bar on a rainy Wednesday night, We love you all!!!

1/9/2006: What an incredible weekend we just had.. It's one thing to play shows, but to share them with very awesome bands is another.. We had an excellent time performing and watching .. We really like to thank all of you who made it out to the shows.. The turn out was excellent, and your support was much appreciated! We'll give away some CD's for our next few shows

1/5/2006: We're feverishly working on our debut EP. We should be finished some time in Feb. Our Slim Shady cover is slated to release this month on Vitamin Record's Indie Translations of Eminem.

9/23/2005: Thanks to all of you who made it to the Make-Out Room show.

8/23/2005: Unfortunately we're unable to play at the Cherry Bar this Wednesday and, once again, we're sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused anybody. We'll be seeing you in September!

8/16/2005: We regret to announce the cancellation of their shows on the 18th and 19th of August. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause anyone.

7/25/2005: We'd like to thank all of you who made it out to our Hotel Utah show last night, making our night quite memorable.

7/25/2005: We are currently working on a cover of Eminem's the Real Slim Shady. The track will be available later this year on Vitamin record's "The Indie Translations of Eminem" release.

6/01/2005: Line up changes for the Hotel Utah Show, Wendy Medeiros and Dean Tomihira will be joining Team Foxtail, replacing Maria & Ken. We've also secured a new rehearsal studio, sharing a space with the very dreamy band Loquat.

5/20/2005: Thank you all who made it to the Make-Out Room last night. Thanks also to The Skyflakes and Scrabbel. It was a pleasure playing with you. Our next show will be on Sunday July 24th at The Hotel Utah Saloon.

4/13/2005: New Foxtail Somersault website is released.

4/10/2005: Finalized new rehearsal studio in San Francisco. New studio tracks will be released soon.